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PAL Robotics attended the ​European Robotics Forum​ (ERF) in March 2020, held in Malaga, and one of the most influential meetings of the robotics community in Europe. PAL Robotics hosted three workshops, and delivered nine presentations, each of which included a brief overview of PAL Robotics’ European partnerships and collaborations. Presentation topics at
the ERF ranged from Industry 4.0, to c​ybersecurity, to robotics for logistics and transport, and today’s software engineering. SeCoIIA was discussed by PAL Robotics in the context of a presentation on breakthroughs in service and humanoid robots. The presentation content on SeCoIIA included the project aims, sectors of focus and the overall project goal.

From PAL Robotics, this event was attended by Francesco Ferro, CEO, Sarah Terreri, EU Project Manager, Carlos Vivas, Business Manager, Dr. Alessandro Di Fava, Software Engineer, Luka Birkic, Account Executive and Lorna McKinlay, Communications.

For more information: ERF2020 in Malaga: the European robotics community comes together to share their expertise and discuss the future of robotics.

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