Advanced Factories 2020

For the 4th consecutive year, PAL Robotics participated in the Industry 4.0 congress – Advanced Factories​ in March 2020 in Barcelona, introducing innovative intralogistics solutions. ​Alexandre SaldĂ©s​ and Dr. ​Jordi…

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European Robotics Forum (ERF)

PAL Robotics attended the ​European Robotics Forum​ (ERF) in March 2020, held in Malaga, and one of the most influential meetings of the robotics community in Europe. PAL Robotics hosted…

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EuroShop, 2020

PAL Robotics attended EuroShop in Dusseldorf in February 2020, an event focussed on innovation in the retail industry. PAL Robotics presentations included topics such as automating inventory-taking operations, generating in-store…

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SeCoIIA at LAILEC 2020!

Leuven AI Law & Ethics Conference (LAILEC) – #LAILEC2020, took place on 18 February 2020 in Leuven and was attended by more than 120 participants. The conference gathered researchers from…

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