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The Secure Collaborative Intelligent Industrial Assets (SeCoIIA) project organised a full-day online workshop dedicated to achieving its Objective 5 – the PELICAN objective, namely to “emPower and rEsponsibiLIse key actors of the manufacturing value chain, seCure machine decision making, Adapt regulatory framework and eNforce the law.”.

The event aimed to gather the different perspectives of participants coming from various fields, by offering them the chance to participate in an elevated discussion with esteemed panelists and contribute to the impact of the SeCoIIA project’s accountability framework.

For more information about the workshop, please refer to this article.

Following are the webinars presented during the workshop:

Workshop Sessions

Session 1: Liability and Due Diligence in Collaborative Manufacturing

Prof Dr Teresa Rodríguez de las Heras BallellWebinar Link
Katerina Yordanova: Is Liability Changing? The Business and Human Right CaseWebinar Link
Orian Dheu: Autonomous Vehicles: Selected Liability ChallengesWebinar Link

Session 2: Data Rights in Collaborative Manufacturing

Rajesh Gopinath: Managed Detection & Response for Collaborative ManufacturingWebinar Link
Fernando Guerrero: Collaborative Security Operations Centre: Challenges of Information SharingWebinar Link
Elisabetta Biasin: Accountability in Collaborative Manufacturing – Healthcare Use CaseWebinar Link

Session 3: Intellectual Property Rights in Collaborative Manufacturing

Dr Jean-Marc Deltorn: From Simulation to AI: Patentability of Industry 4.0 ApplicationsWebinar Link
Ivo Emanuilov: Free and Open Source Software Licensing of Machine Learning SoftwareWebinar Link

Session 4: Legal and Technical Investigation of incidents and accidents in Collaborative Manufacturing

Ching-Yu Kao & Karla Markert: How to Protect AI?Webinar Link
Dr Stanislav Dashevskiy: Investigating Incidents in OT NetworksWebinar Link
Prof Dr Giuseppe VaciagoWebinar Link

Webinars Playlist

Here is a playlist of all webinars:

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